Sofa V-101 / 2015

Furniture developed by Cioli Stancioli – Sofa V-101 designed with wood, fabric and ceramics.

In September 2015, Cioli Cássius Stancioli participated in “D MAIS” – a circuit composed of dozens of independent and simultaneous events that connect decoration and design with art, architecture, fashion and several other curated strands by Renato Tomazi – who had a strong presence in Belo Horizonte. At this event, the architect was invited by PORTO BELLO SHOP – SAVASSI to design a branded ceramic furniture. Cioli chose for this work tiles inspired by the Art Dèco movement to commemorate Vogue’s 40th anniversary. The developed sofa was named V-101.

The V-101 Sofa can also be used for outdoor seating. Its manufacture depends on the availability of the ceramics used (Porto Bello’s CASA VOGUE line). For further product information and ordering, please contact studio Cioli Stancioli Arquitetura e Design.