Show Líder Store / Mg / 32m² / 2010

This space was created for a young artisan who applied his talent and genius in the development of furniture that today makes one of the largest furniture networks in the country. He told the architect that he loves yellow for his joy. The professional designed the large bookshelf executed in yellow lacquer (highlight of the 60’s) that receives objects from the artisan’s affective memory. To make up the main color, purple and gray were used. The headboard is lined in leather sole, the bedside tables in black lacquer. In contrast, a beautiful 60s record player and white and black matte lacquer paintings depicting the singers he listened to; gray velvet curtains and a generous three-meter pivoting door carved in the same design as the professionally created wallpaper for this environment. Highlight for the faux guillotine window, which shows the old furniture factory where the artisan began his line, with black and white plotted image. Environment signed by Cioli Stancioli.