Casa Cor / MG – Belo Horizonte City / 35m² / 2011

Designed to honor designer Ronaldo Fraga, the environment was inspired by the life of this professional who travels constantly and uses a satellite housing that can be located anywhere in the world. The space integrates bedroom, bath and kitchen and is based on the 70’s US lofts concept. Concrete effect, industrial lighting, wood, leather, custom parts and reuse were used to reduce costs. In addition to the possibility of using natural light through large glass windows and the use of automation technology, a practice that combines comfort and economy. The plot reproduces the hydraulic tile, signed by Cioli Stancioli, is present on the kitchen wall. As a differential can be highlighted the mix of materials. The honoree’s affective memory is rescued in the plots of parades and sketches in innovative textures, in the yo-yo quilt and in the “Semblantes” mantle of Bispo do Rosário.