Apartment RG / B. Gold Black / 76m² / 2012

The apartment located in a quiet street of Belo Horizonte’s Ouro Preto neighborhood, was the result of several passion of father and son. Travel, movies, music, collections and especially the partnership between them gained prominence in the decoration.

At the entrance, the living and dining room stands out with its striking plaid curtain chosen by the architect to match the gray and brown tones of the objects and the leather of the furniture, giving the room a mix of elegance. and warmth. Another highlight in the space is the bright lacquered wood dining table, with black lacquered glass top and patterned chairs under a blue ball pendant, creating a subtle and environmentally friendly luminosity. The gray walls gained an ally to enlarge the space, a large floor-to-ceiling mirror.

The circulation with various paintings and punctuated lighting connects the room to the rooms, which have earned the identity of each resident. In the son’s room, highlight to the music and surfing. On the wall, a plot makes clear the resident’s taste for extreme sport, which is also perceived in another object in the decoration: a large board. The headboard was developed in recycled truck tarpaulin and the ceiling was chosen for industrial lighting, with apparent tubing and various reflectors that gave a cool tone and originality just right. The miniatures that the resident collects were not left out either. The father-son partnership was highlighted in his father’s room, which received two framed photographs that show the residents’ complicity and affection. The walls of the room were painted in shades of blue and the headboard was crafted in synthetic leather. Well-thought-out cabinetmaking has made the small closet more spacious, which, in addition to organizing shoes and clothing, houses a collection of books. In the intimate circulation, the TV room / home theare has won paintings with movie posters showing both their taste for cinema. The walls and sofa are shades of gray in contrast to an ebony MDF bookcase.

When at home, the two residents value comfort and practicality, two qualities found in the result of the project designed by architect and designer Cioli Cássius Stancioli. Perfect place for father and son to share their lives.