Communication Network (Publicity Agency)/ Belo Horizonte / 230m² / 2014

In 2014 the studio Cioli Stancioli – architecture and design started the project of the NETWORK OF RESULTS COMMUNICATION – an advertising agency in Belo Horizonte. The owner wanted a new, well-located place with a different and funky design for the agency. We focus on looking for a place with good visibility and access, so the NET today appears on av. contour, next to av. Prudent of Morals. The proposal was exactly an industrial concept with maximum exposure of materials such as bricks, piping and switches. The strong colors are predominant of the net: black, orange and white and the complementary tone, the gray – concrete effect.

The search for a property that looked like an agency was the determining point of this project, because the old establishment had no such footprint. We then set out to search for the property, and in view of the meeting of this place, we designed as freely as possible, according to the request of the director of this agency. The main letter she gave us was: total freedom just insert the orange color that is the brand itself.

We design spaces with industrial finishes such as swim-up cement walls, exposed brick (peeled all plaster), apparent lighting pipe structures, sockets and switches, steel-tube hydraulic-door doors, existing air-conditioning pipe, frames with steel structure and canvas stretched with clips and floor. The result? An agency with different spaces, light and with good lighting for creativity.

At the entrance, with customer receptivity, a container-style door designed by the office and hall, Deck Sol’s leather benches, rope chair, side table and shade and furniture designed by the office as a box that carries objects – with pins. The steel ladder with non-slip chess floors receives a graffiti – “matuto”. Already the circulation was due to the furniture and floor lamp also Deck Sol with picture of Belo Horizonte and typewriter – personal collection of the director. Next to it is a mini meeting room with steel deck stools (Deck Sol), table (designed by the office), classic-framed blackboard and orange vinyl (blanket). The largest meeting room was the demolition table, black Panton chairs, green industrial lighting, wall with Matuto graffiti and orange Vinyl flooring.

Already in the Director’s room was the highlight and highlight of the steel shelf with yellow lacquer boxes – professional design, leather chairs, blackboard with classic frame and vinyl blanket floor. The production workplace had black MDF tables and steel frame to support the upper cabinets as a table support.