Célio Faria Institute / Belo Horizonte / 380m² / 2013

Célio Faria Instituto, located on Avenida Assis Chateaubriand, close to the Floresta viaduct, is housed in a large house built by the Spanish in 1913 and listed by the Minas Gerais Historical Heritage. The mansion preserves its history on the façade, and following the revitalization of the viaduct that began in April this year, the direction of Célio Faria Institute developed, together with the studio Cioli Stancioli, an interior project that blends ancient and modern elements. The need for a quick job has called for the use of slim, easy to apply flooring; however, the staircase floor was kept in marble. The removal of a part of the ceiling of the first floor brought comfort and a generous right foot, which, combined with the right lighting, assisting in the development of the thorough work done in this stronghold of beauty. The project has in black the main base and uses the wood to warm the environment, in addition to the wall covering in earth tones, using the refinement of the boiserie, marking the golden years. The modern furniture blends with the classic, and the atmosphere was further punctuated by the use of leather and fine fabrics in furniture, rugs and curtains. The walls receive beauty paintings and also a beautiful old image of the viaduct.