Residence AF / Gold Black / 550m² / 2014 Pure lines

In Tripuí, a condominium very close to the city listed by the historical heritage – Ouro Preto, was built a beautiful house designed for a couple with two children already married, but who love to return to the nest. The building was developed on a sloping land of 1000 m2, generating a graphic game of different levels. In line with the taste of the house, we opted for conventional construction using local labor, which brought considerable savings. The couple dreamed of a three-story house, with the viewpoint highlighted. For the longevity of the house and greater comfort, from the garage built with a large free space (floor 1) was developed the ground floor of the building, the living space, where the couple is most of the time (floor 2) with Generous spaces that include living room, gourmet space, leisure, kitchen, pantry, TV room and washroom that connect and are permeated by a play of light and form, which, added to an excellent natural ventilation, closed with a golden key. this nook. For greater comfort for the family, an elevator was chosen, which gives vertical access from the garage to the intimate area (floor 3), passing through the living area. The pool area is located at the bottom of the building, and receives a good daily sunshine, following in height the floors 2 and 3; being freely accessed by the gourmet area. Over the garage free space, a large flat area was formed, special to enjoy the view and ready to receive visitors, where stands the beautiful pivoting door.